Friday, January 28, 2011

Children Of Doom - Ride Over The Green Valley DEMO (FRANCE) 2009

Presumably named after the Saint Vitus song, Children Of Doom offer us a lower class taste of raw, heavy, drone doom metal. This is the first release by the French trio, and the novicity shows. The rough production feels like a wet

Ash Lee Blade - Suck The Blade LP (CANADA) 2010

To be honest I’m quite impressed, a band I have often overlooked, Ash Lee Blade is a perfect example of a good band almost missed by my own stuck up ignorance. I won’t take the full blame for it though; “Suck The Blade” is flying colours above their 2007 self-titled EP and has a

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stryker – Possessed By Heavy Metal DEMO (CANADA) 2010

My cassette player became possessed with the valiant effort of this B.C. trio’s piece of chromium. Although the recordings are of a rough basement quality that will make even the basement blush, there’s no mistaking the power behind

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Joke – Jester’s Vengeance DEMO (CHILE) 2007

The blood of German speed metal seems to run thick through the veins of Bad Joke as they pound out this five song demo. These “Heavy Speed Metal Maniacs” throw a furious assault loud and not so clear, but the rough production sways things in their favour adding edge and intensity as they imitate

Witchcurse – Heavy Metal Poison LP (GREECE) 2010

As I listen, I struggle with deciding how I really feel about this album. Its thin sounding mediocrity really does nothing to persuade my indecisive mind. Very standard unoriginal riffs and melodies that might have come from the recycle bin

Midnight Malice – Pray For Death DEMO (CANADA) 2010

The first effort from this four-piece outfit (featuring 2 Ex-Skull Fist members) plays some classic heavy metal with great power and speed. The album kicks off with the self-titled track, fast riffs immediately ensue with all guns blazing,

Endow – Tax This! DEMO (CANADA) 2010

This Brampton based Hardcore Punk band offers this paper D.I.Y. demo and stays true to the original hardcore. These days just saying hardcore makes me cringe. Those words have been so diluted today that it means nothing to the true sense of the term. Even if you don’t like punk, these songs are heavy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hard & Heavy, records, Reviews and metal news, where I will be posting all of said things and maybe more! All I do is listen to metal all day, so I might as well write about! I’m too young to know of the glory days of metal but there still are some great bands out there. Too many people say “Ohhh all the metal bands these days suck compared to the old school.” Well it’s up to YOU to stop being lazy and to find the bands that are still keeping the spirit alive! Get off your lazy ass and go to a show! Buy an album from the band! Support the scene and prove that metals not dead! And stop caring about what people think and grow your hair!
-Inti Paredes