Thursday, April 19, 2012

Killer Slaughter Interview

I found this really informative interview with Terry and Dave from Slaughter online a few days ago. Alot of good information there that I'm sure many of you never knew! An old fanzine turned website called Voices From The Dark Side is the culprit of this knowledgeable output. They also have PDF scans of their back issue's which is cool to check out! Here's the link to the SLAUGHTER INTERVIEW!

Old Kill Cheerleader Article

I could probably credit my whole existence in the Toronto heavy metal scene probably to this article. Back when I was a young metalhead growing up in the suburbs I thought I was the only guy around who listened to metal anymore. Sure everybody listens to Metallica and Iron Maiden, but when I started to discover Exodus, Venom, Accept and Mercyful Fate nobody knew what I was talking about! I sure as hell didn't think there were any new metal bands around....
I picked up an issue of skateboard mag called Concrete and that's where I found this article for Kill Cheerleader. Their metal/punk sleaze was exactly what I thought wasn't around. But wait, it wasn't...they we're already broken up! But I found out what the guys from Cheerleader were doing, Jason Decay was in Goat Horn and then formed Cauldron, Jackie Slaughter was in Skull Fist and through that I found the Toronto metal scene which has been slowly growing since! Most of you fuckers just wanna read the article so do it! (click the picture and then right-click view image to zoom in)

Eat The, Tax The Rich

An article that I found in the Toronto Star, I would see it to be true...